Project overview

 Tired of wasting too much time on your cell phone , had enough with people taking your stuff? watch dog is your answer! Watch dog is a device that can guard your life in multiple ways.


The video

Project goal

 The purpose of this project  for Kuan to acquire the ability of codding on Aduino; wiring electronics. Kuan then shot and edited a video related to the project.

Project process

Firstly, Kuan bought  the electronic from Adafruit and modified a toy tank into the paper ball launcher,  then started to wiring them together on a bread board. The second part is do coding with the Arduino Uno board . The third part is to rewiring the remote controller and make it working consistently instead of only working when pushed. Finally, he build a shell to contain all the electronic component using bass wood and chip board and make them shape like a cute dog. In addition , Kuan made a vedio about three possible applications for this project.



For this project, Kuan's biggest challenge is to combine three codes for each device and let them working together. The thing he learned is the structure and functionality of each part of the code, it will help him getting better at coding in the future.