puppy crossing


project overview

Puppy crossing is a mobile game dedicated to raising the awareness of canine genetic health among young people.


PROJECT research

Kuan started this project by investigating selective breeding among domestic canine. Selective breeding was exclusively use for the creating stronger offspring until the year of 1990s. The thriving economy stimulated the urge for vanity and entertainment. For instance men’s best friends, dogs. The upper class of the England starts to breed dogs for recreational purpose. The role of dogs significantly changed at that point, it went from humans trustful companions to their mere toys, to make dogs fit in certain esthetic, they engineered dogs inherited feature, this is Boston terrier , it’s a brachycephalic dog, which refer to dog with short face. As you can see Their face has changed significantly throughout the century, to do so, it require selective breeding from a relevant small initial gene pool between deformed individuals. This species by design has many genetic disease, which cause them constantly in agonizing pain and potentially early death.

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project goal

Games are not just purely for entertainment though. There’s a strong tradition in games teaching players, from the simple days of Tetris increasing brain-power through tumbling blocks, to the terrible ‘edutainment’ games like Donkey Kong Jr. Math, to the thousands of historical details in grand strategy games like Crusader Kings II. Video games have a power of interaction and intrinsic learning built into them like no other medium, and many game developers and charities are using that fact for good.


The mobile game

The start screen of the game.

The NPC will jump out of the blue and explain the basic rule to first time players.

The player can pick a farm to grow puppies.

There are different breeds of puppy that the player can choose from.


The puppies in the farm will grow,fall in love and give birth to the next generation under the care taking given by the player.


The player can fit the puppy into the “standard aesthetic” to detect their purity.

If the puppy shows more resemblance to the standard black shape, the higher purity it gets, which means the puppy has higher value as commodity.

The player has the options to attend the dog show with the puppy, move the puppy to another farm and sell the puppy for profit.


There is also a fourth option which the player can ligate the male puppy with lower purity and prevent it from contaminating the gene pool and create offspring with lower purity.

After a while, the puppies that are still fertile will give birth to a new generation of puppies.

The new generation shows even higher purity.


However, one day, the player will find out that the “pure” puppy is twitching and there is foam in its mouth.

The NPC from the beginning of the game will pop up again to explain the situation and inform the player about dogs’ genetic health

Finally, the player will face the dilemma of choosing whether to spend a significant amount of in-game currencies to save the puppy or end its misery.