Mountain villa is a combination of modern architectural infrastructure and traditional Chinese architectural aesthetic. It is designed to adapt to the geographic and climate features of Yunnan, China. For instance, the abundant use of glass and stainless steel is to adopt the weather of heavy rain and occasionally sunlight; the structural beams from the bottom are used to keep the villa afloat to resist the corrosion of the base.

mountain villa-01.png



In terms of selecting material, Kuan decided to use wood as the primary material for both house framework and interior decoration to follow the example of wooden construction used in stilted building. Secondly, he choose to use glass and steel which are the products of modern technology and have great plasticity and corrosion resistance.

mountain villa22-01.png

Space arrangement

The dinning room is semi-open, combined with the idea of sunlight room. On the second floor of the kitchen is a study room. Outside of the dinning room is a platform for leisure and entertainment. The bedroom is located at the innermost place of the house to protect the privacy.

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Because of being built on a slope, the house is suspended on silt like braces, which can also help to keep the rooms try in humid weather. In the space connecting the dinning room and the living room, Kuan added a wider staircase besides a normal one. The wide wooden staircase can be used as a comfortable leisure area.