Beecastle is Residence and art gallery for artistic bees.


primary research

Kuan started this project by collecting the statistic that shows how much bees mean to us in our daily life and why should we conduct urban bee keeping. according to his research, urban environment is a more preferable for bees.


Theory of change map

Kuan started to explore different ways that how might we bring bees into city environment and appreciated by city dwellers. With the theory of change map, he can find out what bees need and human can easily provide, it turns out that many needs of bees can be meet by simply providing infrastructure. However, many city dwellers may resent keeping bees around them due to fear and misunderstanding.   He noticed that the beehive has a natural aesthetic,  which humans can admire as an artwork; however, unlike beehives, city dwellers widely appreciated art. Kuan wonders if there is a way city dwellers can appreciate bees the way they appreciate art.



Abandoned warehouse are all over the citiies due to urban decay, which we can use to build beecastle ,an art gallery which bees are artists in residence

defence deck 321.jpg


This is the interior installation , users can interact with the art by pressing the button to get thenatural falling honey and provides an outdoor section where an artist in residence can freely use . Those two parts are kept in order separate to eliminate any accidents lead by misunderstanding,


defence deck 323.jpg
defence deck 330.jpg
defence deck 324.jpg
defence deck 325.jpg

advertisement campaign

Finally, Kuan mocked up an ad campaign to promote Beecastle to the city dwellers by combining the natural esthetic of beehive with humans' perception of art.

defence deck 314.jpg
defence deck 315.jpg
defence deck 316.jpg
defence deck 329.jpg


defence deck 332.jpg