Mighty Moon


project overview

Mighty Moon is a subscription-based tampon and comic delivery service for geek girls. Students Jingting He, Kuan Xu, Manako Tamura, and Teng Yu came up with this idea to combat period shame among young girls, and encourage them to embrace menstruation from a young age.

Mighty Moon’s product lineup of tampons, carriers, and comics empower the users by turning the experience of menstruation from something they dread to something they look forward to; from something they hide to something they show; and from something that disgusts them to something that delights them.


Here's how the service works: Every four weeks, Mighty Moon delivers a box containing a customized assortment of light-to-heavy flow tampons, a tampon carrier,  panty liners, and a new issue of the Mighty Moon comic. The comic book features the adventures of the protagonist Mika—a high-school student who transforms herself into a superhero to combat villains who terrorize her city. The villains are personifications of patriarchal forces that women face daily: “Attack of Mansplainer,” “Bropriation of the City,” and “The Revenge of Manterrupter.”

The team makes an irresistible argument, “Just as one would eagerly await the next issue of a comic book, users of this service will actually look forward to having their periods so that they can receive both a box of tampons along with Mighty Moon’s original monthly comic series.”


The feminist ethos of the comic runs throughout the product experience of Mighty Moon. The unboxing experience for all its products—delivery box, tampon packaging, panty liner packaging—emulates a powerful "ripping gesture" that Mika uses when transforming into a superhero. The tampon carrier is shaped like the weapon that Mika uses to fight villains, and the conspicuousness of both the carrier and the box transforms the user's relationship with their periods from something they hide to one that they show.

Mighty Moon’s products are designed to  make the experience of using tampons delightful. The tampon wrappers’ triangular shapes open and sit nicely on any flat surface—making it easy for the users to keep them for throwing away used-applicators.

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The comic book villains are personifications of patriarchal forces that women face daily: “Attack of Mansplainer,” “Bropriation of the City,” and “The Revenge of Manterrupter.”


The mighty tempon carrier

Eliminate the stigma and display your tampons!


But in a final, brave gesture on the part of the designers, the engravings on the applicators turn viewing menstrual blood into a magical experience as the engraved areas absorb blood and reveal the brand pattern. Here, the team argues, "the applicator overturns the perception of menstrual blood from something that is annoying, gross or even dirty, to something that the user is delighted to see and experience."

And in a brilliant twist, a select few of the applicators have an engraving of a heart instead of the pattern—randomly mixed in with the regular tampons—"which users receive only once in a blue moon." When the user receives the "heart" applicator, she is encouraged to post the picture of it with the hashtag, #luckymoon.


final exhibition


Here comes The Mansplainer!!!


Process shots